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B I O G R A P H Y Gerald Harris' father bought him an acoustic guitar when he was 12 years old, and Gerald has been on a musical journey ever since. His mother taught him to play piano and sing, and in his youth, he was a part of both the youth and adult choirs. When he was 18 Carrie Records offered him an independent recording contract to record a single. After a short-lived R&B career, he went back where he belonged, to God. He's always enjoyed writing, playing, and singing gospel music, and he began doing gospel recording sessions for different choirs, artists, and producers in Nashville and Atlanta. After that, he continued to write and compose, and his wife persuaded him to go back to the studio and do a few demos. This led ultimately to his new album, Latter Rain. We released Latter Rain our debut CD March 13, 2012 , with, the Latter Rain album is playing in the UK on Cross Rhythms Radio, and this is a link for our review by their radio station, this album Hope Faith And Love almost did not happen because of my bout with colon cancer, but God brought me through, hope you enjoy this track I Know There's A Reason our new single on Mervilton Records, God Bless Gerald Harris Influences: Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Kenneth (Babyface) Edmonds and Aaron Neville Reviews , go to this link for reviews ,


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For Booking contact Gerald Harris Phone, 1-763-843-1534 Email, [email protected] Facebook messenger, Checkout our youtube , for live , performances , One man band with full band sound or we can provide live my musicians , just depends what you require and your needs.


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