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The KingdomSons
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From the start, the members of The KingdomSons have all had a passion for music and more importantly, their ministry. In a day with millions of songs at a click of a button, The KingdomSons wanted to be able to give access to a positive and uplifting message. Kyle and Ben decided to utilize their talents to spread a Christian message through the creation of music. They began to write, compose, and record. After the release of their single "A Place Called Home", they realized that they wanted to start building the group needed to put The KingdomSons on a larger scale. After George and Jordan joined the group, they were able to bring their live performances to the scale that they were hoping for. The KingdomSons hope to continue to be a blessing to their listeners and fans while they look forward to their prayers and support.


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Email: [email protected] Let us know if you want or need anymore info. Booking us is cheap. It all just depends on travel distance and what equipment is needed for the show.


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